ANNUAL SALE: October 1 – October 31.  Currently, all of our fountains are on sale.

  • Please note: Oct. 16 – 28, 2019, Classic Rock will be closed for staff holidays.  Regular days and hours resume Oct. 29.

plaqueSeptember-October are great months to put one more coat of water sealer on your outdoor concrete ornaments before wet and freezing weather approach.  Remember, only apply sealer when the item is dry.  A sunny stretch of several days is ample for most items to dry. It takes only a few minutes to apply the sealer and it saves much time and many dollars later.  Sealer should be applied annually.


November is the time to begin emptying all garden ornaments of any standing water before freezing weather arrives.  Remember to leave open all drains so rain does not refill a basin. Freezing water can expand and crack a concrete bowl. A fountain cover from Classic Rock is an inexpensive way to make this task easier.

Classic Rock carries water sealer in spray bottles, so it is easy to apply. It is necessary to use water sealer to better protect all concrete items from the damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles.