Classic Rock’s statuary and garden ornaments are some of the most beautiful and well-made ornaments to be found anywhere in the world. The attention to detail, the classic designs and the quality of construction make these pieces special. They are made of fibre-reinforced concrete with steel reinforcing where required for strength.  Unlike machine-produced pieces, each ornament is hand-sculpted prior to mold-making, hand-made and hand finished.  Each piece is slightly different and will contain minor elements that will differ from piece to piece.  That is the charm of art!


Classic Rock offers two finishes, “rustic” (as pictured in our catalogue) and the natural grey concrete.


Our hand-finish is a blend of mottled earth tones and streaks that makes a new piece of concrete look more like a piece of weathered stone. These tones range from golden brown to gray-green and are determined by a large number of factors (e.g., heat, humidity, concrete mix design, etc.). Because many factors are uncontrollable, no two pieces will ever match exactly, but they will all work together beautifully. The mottled tones of this “rustic” finish are the result of a reaction between surface calcium in the concrete and a natural water-based stain. Consequently, the color is part of the surface of the concrete but, like a ceramic glaze, is susceptible to chipping. The color will gradually mellow, but you can speed up the process by hosing it down regularly, or retard the process with an application of our water sealer.

Natural grey

When our concrete is cast in its natural state, it is grey in color. These pieces will collect dust and dirt, promote the growth of moss and lichen, and have the classic look of aged statuary. Obviously, this look takes some time for mother nature to create, but it is the standard. When the piece becomes “dirty” with growth, all the details in the sculpture begin to stand out and the the look is amazing.

Surface Effects

Concrete, brick and terracotta surfaces exposed to moisture occasionally produce a crusty white mineral salt deposit called “efflorescence.” You can encourage this effect by repeated soaking and drying, or it can be brushed away should you wish to remove it. To inhibit efflorescence, apply our water sealer while the piece is perfectly dry. To encourage moss growth, wet the surface with buttermilk and water and do not use a water sealer.


Sealing your statuary or garden ornament with a good quality concrete sealer will preserve the finish and stall the aging process, if desired. In cold climates, all outdoor statuary must be sealed. Sealing will protect the surface of the concrete from freezing and flaking, but will not keep a bowl or pond from cracking when frozen. ANY ITEM THAT HOLDS WATER MUST BE PROTECTED FROM FREEZING. Bowls and ponds can be inverted or covered and fountain pumps removed. Proper preparation of planters is essential. Planter and container drains must be kept clear so water does not “stand”, but drains away. We have been selling our product successfully for years in the subzero winters of Edmonton, Alberta. With proper care, our statuary stands up very well.


Within one year of date of purchase Classic Rock will replace any piece found to have a manufacturer’s defect. This warranty does not cover damage caused by ice expansion.


Accidental damage to the product can usually be repaired easily and inexpensively. A touch-up kit is available for a nominal fee.