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Fall Maintenance

Classic Rock Garden Ornaments Ltd.

Fountain Preparation

Fountains need to be cleaned and drained in preparation for freezing weather. Classic Rock can provide this fall maintenance service for any fountain owner in Greater Victoria.


The cost of the service is usually $125 for any 1, 2 or 3-tier fountain, but can be more for a larger fountain. In Victoria we recommend this service be performed in October.


During Fall Maintenance Classic Rock will:

  • drain the fountain
  • clean the bowls and finial
  • open all drains preventing rainwater build up and possible freezing
  • remove all putty between finial, bowls and pedestals
  • remove water from the pump and raise it
  • reassemble the fountain
  • install fountain cover, if one has been purchased, and
  • set up an annual schedule to provide this service, if desired.