Classic Rock has a colour catalogue available to retailers with a tax number and storefront.. This catalogue contains several hundred pieces manufactured in Canada by Classic Rock.

All the Canadian-made product can be viewed on this web site.

How to Order

Orders can be placed by phone, fax, e-mail or mail. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and glad to help you with your order.

Hours are seasonal, so please phone for current hours.

Order Deadlines for Imported Product

Once each year we bring in a trailer of imported items, usually in March. Any special orders of these items must be placed by mid-December. While late orders will be taken, there is a greater chance of items not being available. There are no order deadlines for Canadian product that we manufacture.

Buying Wholesale

Classic Rock has served over 600 retailers throughout Canada. Our customers include garden specialty shops, nurseries, furniture stores, gift stores, hotels and restaurant chains. If you are interested in carrying the Classic Rock line, please order a catalogue and/or contact us. You must have a tax number and a storefront to order wholesale.

Buying Retail

If you see an item in our online catalogue that interests you, please contact us. We will supply you with the names of the retailers nearest you. If you are in an area unserviced by a Classic Rock retailer, we will gladly provide service from our factory. We ship regularly all over North America.


In September 2007 Classic Rock opened a retail outlet at 5471 Hamsterly Road, near Elk Lake on the Pat Bay Hwy. at Sayward Rd. This store, next to Elk Lake Garden Centre, is currently open daily.. This store will close between December 24 and mid-February, but our staff will respond to e-mail during the closure. Our retail hours change seasonally, so please phone for the current schedule.

For Elk Lake retail sales phone 250-744-2225.


Prices are available by contacting our office. Prices are in Canadian dollars(CAD), F.O.B. Victoria, BC, Canada. For conversion rates of other currencies, please go to:


Classic Rock will be glad to assist you in finding the most economical way to transport product to you, whether in town or across North America. Please contact us for more information.

Minimum Order

Classic Rock has NO MINIMUM order size. With smaller orders the customer can pick up the product at our factory or pre-arrange shipping with our office. We will gladly give exact shipping quotes prior to order confirmation. Please contact us for specific information.