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A November 2022 update:

A couple of months ago our store property sold. Our new owner attempted to repair the roof and found the structure was compromised, requiring our evacuation by September 30.

We have sold most of the product we had in stock, but some remains. Birdbaths and smaller items (now 20% off) can be purchased at Elk Lake Garden Centre, next door to our previous location. Larger items are currently divided into two categories: IN-STOCK (in storage) and AVAILABLE TO ORDER. A list of the STOCK items, found below, details items ON SALE for 20% OFF. Most of these photos can be found on the website using the search function. You can always email and request a photo. The ORDER items come from our 30-year relationship with two Canadian and three US factories. Our specialty is sourcing and providing fountains. We have hundreds of items in various catalogues which we would like to show you.

The Classic Rock phone number and email remain the same, and we will work with customers individually to find and procure items. We have a few of the popular fountains displayed on the website, and we have catalogues with hundreds more. Our website is currently undergoing changes to reflect our transition to online marketing.

For fountains we recommend you contact us with details of what you want, and we can then show you photos and discuss options with you. Any orders can be placed via phone or email, as the website does not currently have this capability.

We continue to provide fountain maintenance (winterization, spring set-up and/or regular cleaning) and repair services to Victoria clients.

If you would like to be added to our email list, please send us a request using our contact form on this site.

Thank you for your patience as we adjust to this new reality.

Warm regards,

Bo and Cathy Brantley

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“I find few things in nature more joyful than watching a bird vigorously douse itself in a bath. Installing in one’s yard a bath from which birds can drink, cool themselves, and bathe to maintain their feathers is not only low maintenance but also just a one-time expense. And in my books, Classic Rock Garden Ornaments offers the best selection of affordable, quality bird baths on Vancouver Island.”


– Dr. David M. Bird, Emeritus Professor, McGill University