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Spring Maintenance

Classic Rock Garden Ornaments Ltd.

Maintenance Service

Once the threat of freezing weather has passed, fountains need to be set up and enjoyed. Classic Rock can provide this spring maintenance service for any fountain owner in Greater Victoria. The cost of the service is usually $150 for any 1, 2 or 3-tier fountain, but can be more for a larger fountain. In Victoria we recommend this service be performed in March or April.


During Spring Maintenance Classic Rock will:

  • remove any fountain cover and absorbent materials (if purchased)
  • clean the bowls and finial
  • close all drains
  • replace all putty between finial, bowls, and pedestals
  • install the pump cord in the fountain plug and reinsert it
  • reassemble the fountain
  • level each bowl to achieve proper water flow
  • apply water sealer to interior and edges of all bowls
  • set up an annual schedule to provide this service, if desired.

To inquire about or set up this spring maintenance service, please contact Classic Rock via phone or email.


Home Fountain Maintenance

Fountain pumps need to be cleaned occasionally. Often wiping the grill of the pump is sufficient to clear away debris. Or a blast from your garden hose may do the trick. Sometimes, though, the pump needs to be opened and cleaned on the inside. Most fountain pumps have a similar design. On YouTube there are numerous videos describing how to disassemble and clean a pump. When you do this simple task, be careful not to lose any small pieces, as they are all needed for proper functioning of the pump.

When cleaning the surface of a fountain. NEVER use a power-washer on full force, as it will remove the surface layer of the concrete. A soft sponge and your garden hose are sufficient for this task.

Applying spray water-sealer to the scuppers (places on a fountain bowl over which water flows) when the fountain is DRY will aid the free flow of water and make it fall nicely.

During freezing weather all drains should be opened so that no part of the fountain retains rainwater. The expansion of ice in a fountain can crack bowls and harm any part sitting in water.

A fountain cover is often an easier way to prepare for winter. Open any main drains that you can, then fill the bowls with absorbent material (e.g., old towels, etc.) to soak up the condensation that will occur. You may need to place some boards across the bowls prior to installing the cover to keep the cover from sinking down into the bowl and filling with water. This requirement is different for different fountains.
Classic Rock has both spray water sealers and fountain covers available for purchase.