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Sealox Water Sealer

Sealox Water Sealer


Sealox Water Sealer is an industrial product used for sealing concrete structures.  Classic Rock has made this product available in smaller quantities, complete with a sprayer, so our customers can easily and quickly apply a protective coating to their concrete statuary.

Sealox penetrates the outer surface of the concrete forming an invisible protective layer just below the surface.  We refer to the “look” as a matte finish, to delineate it from the shiny finish or our Clearcoat sealer, which is also available.  When concrete is not sealed, it slowly erodes over years. An item that is stained will begin to lose its colour and eventually the aggregate will begin to appear on the surface of the item.

ANY SEALER will only last a year or two, especially if the sealed surface is underwater (fountains, birdbaths, planters, etc.)  Therefore, we recommend resealing annually.  Sealer will retard deterioration of your statuary due to the freeze-thaw cycles we experience in winter and the effects of acid rain.  No sealer will stop the cracking caused by expansion of ice forming in a bowl; those items need to drained and covered, or have all bowls set so they drain continuously.  Classic Rock also offers a maintenance service for fountains.  Please see MAINTENANCE tab on this website.

Product Code: Sealox-1litre

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Orders can be taken over the phone.
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